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The Carol Vorderman Fanatic


15 November 2005 - Countdown Back!
Yeah, Countdown is back and Des Lynam's the lucky bastard who gets to spend all that time with Carol now!  Has the ringside seat for that derierre, etc!  Weekdays suddenly got better for us too
15 August 2005 - Countdown?
Does anyone know when Countdown will be returing to our screens after the death of host, Richard Whitely?  Or if it is in fact coming back?  Anyway in the meantime check the updates page for some pics of Carol's best ass-et should cheer you up!
20/5/05 - Seeing Red 
Well Carol was bursting forth from that red top earlier today on Countdown, showing us some welcome cleavage, especially when she leaned forward when she was sat down and when she was picking the numbers. Hope someone grabbed those caps (oo-er!)  In fact it seems that every time Carol wears red, she gives us an eyefull!  Remember the BAFTAS (pic left) and The Pride of Britain Awards?!!
12/4/05 - Ain't it Fool News! 

Well just couldn't resist it!  As you may have gathered the last news report about Carol posing naked for an adult magazine was an April fool!  More's the pity!  Sorry if you believed it and were looking forward to it!  You never know, she might pose for another lads mag yet!  Incidently didn't she look great in that red mini-dress top she wore on Countdown today?  More of the same please Carol!!  (And maybe do another lads mag soon?!)

1/4/05 - Carol to Strip Naked for Adult Mag! 

Well we never thought we'd see the day when Carol would get her kit off for a top shelf magazine, but it looks like finally all our prayers have been answered and we are going to get to see her in the buff!  Carol is now 45, but is still as sexy as ever, if not sexier!  The shoot for the as yet undisclosed adult magazine is bound to raise an eyebrow or two, as well as other things!  No date has been given yet, but when it does get published, you'd be a fool to miss it!

1/11/04 - Strictly Come Dancing

Well hope everybody's recovered from Saturday night, seeing Carol do the rhumba (I wouldn't mind doing the rhumba with Carol myself!)  Some really sexy moves Carol!  And in a dress that didn't look like it was there!!  Wow! Carol just gets sexier! But how is she going to top this? Maybe dancing in a dress that actually isn't there next time? We live in hope!

21/10/04 - Carol on Strictly Come Dancing

If you saw Richard and Judy tonight you’d have seen carol announcing that she is to be on Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday. Even better news, that if she lasts to week two she’s going to be wearing a dress that is basically a flesh coloured net with diamonds on, which she says makes her look like she’s wearing nothing but diamonds. We can’t miss that! Saturdays BBC1 at 6.15pm.

22/9/04 - The Site We’ve Been Waiting For!

It took a long time but at last there’s a site dedicated to Carol’s wonderful bot! It’s called Vorderman’s Rump Steak and you can view it at:

Now there are two places you can worship her fabulous arse!

12/7/04  -  Leather Alert!

Did anyone see Friday's Countdown?  Carol in black T-shirt and a fantastic black leather skirt which showed off her curves beautifully!  That bum has never been so tightly bound and prominent!  Put that on again "all" next week Carol!!

Also earlier in the week she wore the black suit with not much underneath, I swear she's only wearing a bra under the top part!!

25/6/04 - Carol Ready For Bed On Countdown?

Did anyone see Carol on the Countdown final today, wearing what looked like a baby-blue short "nightie" with jeans?  Wow!  Thanks for that Carol!  More of that mode of dress in future!

Has anyone also noticed that she is showing more cleavage recently on Countdown? The other day she was wearing a black suit and what looked like nothing underneath, apart from maybe a bra.  Carol is getting really sexy lately (well - sexier I should say!)

She is also in the current issue of Woman's Own, so check that out!

12/6/04  -   Gee Q!!

Well Carol's certainly getting sexy recently with those fantastic pictures in GQ being "closely" followed by some nice shots in Closer.

So what did everyone think of her GQ pics?  Worth the wait?  I certainly think so!

Carol's been on the television quite a lot in the past couple of months: Better Homes, of course Countdown, Jonathon Ross's programme, and even turning up on a Granada programme about exercising (lots of arse-ogling opportunities on that last one - her buns have never looked so voluptuous and lovely!)

Incidentally, where are all the bum pics?  You need to send more; I can never get enough!

Until the next update, keep up the Carol worship!

10/3/04 - Overdose of Carol on TV Coming Soon for all you Vorderman Junkies! 

Well you can't get enough of Carol on TV soon, apart from Countdown she's on BBC2 over the weekend (Saturday) singing the praises of The Vicar of Dibley for Britian's Favourite Sitcom, no doubt she'll be dressing as a vicar.  We think it would be more appropriate to support Bottom as the best sitcom!

Also next Tuesday she presents her annual Pride of Britain awards, remember the red dress last year?  Wonder what she'll be falling out of this year?!!  I can't wait!

Not long now to wait for Carol in GQ, should be out before the end of the month!  What sort of poses do you reackon she's done?  As long as there's penty of "bum" I don't mind!

10/2/04 - Still Drop Dead Gorgeous at ... er ... 37?

Carol appeared on Today With Des and Mel, this afternoon and looked absolutely fabulous as usual (as she did on Countdown later - in short skirt and stockings!)  And did you see her heels on Des and Mel?!  They must have been 9 inches, if not more!

She talked about George Clooney fancying her, but that he said he was on medication at the time (you're our medication Carol!)  Her favourites on I'm a Celebrity were John Lydon and Jennie Bond, and that she's been asked to be in it in the past (just get a picture in your mind of Carol in a wet bikini and that's one good reason why you'd want her to do it!).  And she's just signed a contract for Countdown until the summer of 2006 (so plenty of lusting to be done in the future watching that then!)  She said of the programme: 'I was 21 when I started on Countdown, it's been going 21 years and I'm still only 37.'  We've got news for you Carol - you only look 27, never mind 37!

She didn't mention when we can expect to feast our lusting eyes over her in GQ, but as reported before we think it's the end of March, also in March she presents the Pride of Britain awards, if she wears anything as good as the red dress she wore last year, then we won't be disappointed!

22/12/05 - Christmas Carol
In case you were already getting withdrawal symptoms from Countdown being away for Christmas, Carol appeared on Sky One tonight presenting her Big Brain Game (check out the the pics on our updates page!)  She is also on over Christmas in two Countdown special programes being shown in tribute to Richard Whitely!
19/1/04  -  Carol to Appear in GQ Shock!

Looks like she was paying attention to this site (see below!) as earlier this evening on Richard and Judy's programme she announced that she's done a photo shoot for GQ!  I kid you not! 

According to Carol the issue will be out towards the end of March, so not long to wait!

Maybe she could look at some more of the ideas below and do them!  You know the one about the date and the hotel!

5/1/04  -  Carol's New Year's Resolutions ... We'd Like to See!

Carol announces that she's going to pose half-undressed for FHM, or any of the lad's mags, or even better - naked for a top shelf!

Channel Four announces a late night adult Countdown in which Carol plays along against the contestants, and if she loses a round, has to take something off! Strip Countdown!! Can you imagine her slowly peeling her jeans down over that arse!!

And best of all! Carol requests a date, and a stay overnight at a hotel with the webmaster of The Carol Vorderman Fanatic! (Well I can dream!!)

9/12/03  -  No Sex Please I'm Videocapped!
Carol must have got wise to all you videocappers out there because on this afternoon's edition of Countdown she avoided putting up both the words: EROTIC and PANTIES!  (I bet Carol was wearing erotic panties though!)
Next time it happens please show us your PANTIES Carol!!
I'm still waitng for the word FANATIC to crop up, to see if she mention's my site!  I'd love to hear my site's name uttered from her sweet lips!

9/12/03  -  Things in Carol's Life

Someone posted some witty (if a little smutty) things they'd like to be in Carol's life on The Sexy Vote, I've added some of my own.  If anyone else has any fantasies of what they'd like to be in Carol's life, either post them on the Sexy Vote or in the Guestbook. Obviously we'd all like to be her lover, so don't just say that!  See pic (right) for what I'd like to be in Carol's life most (her armchair!)

4/12/03  -  Nice Brain! Phwoar! Er? 
Carol recently agreed to Dr Lythgoe and colleagues at University College London scanning her brain to promote a lecture series run by broadsheet rag The Telegraph and the healthcare company Novartis, and funded by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, Nesta.
I don't know about you but I can think of better things I'd rather look at than her brain!!
Maybe they should have photocopied her bum on the University photocopier instead!!
Perhaps she should donate her brain to medical science, and her body to me - now!!
Well I don't know about you but I keep missing Countdown thanks to them moving it to an earlier slot, only caught about 20 minutes this week!  It's just not enough to feast my lusting eyes on the Vord!!  She looked as stunning as ever in a white shirt and black jeans though, and I caught that arse once or twice - was the best twenty minutes of the week!  I'll have to start setting the video!
We've lost Grand Slam for the time being, on which Carol always looked fantastic, so might as well go straight out to the pub after Countdown on a Friday now!!  All you students will probably miss Countdown now that it has been moved to 3.15, hope you've got a video! 
Well at the moment we're spoilt with Carol TV, there's Countdown, Better Homes ... but Carol usually looks best on Grand Slam, wearing lots of eyeliner, making her look dark and sexy, and usually teasing us by showing plenty cleavage!!  Friday nights can't come round soon enough at the moment!!  What does everyone else think?  
Carol looked fantastic tonight on Countdown in red shirt and red jeans (showing off that great arse!) Need I say more?!  Every time she turned towards the board I gorged myself on it!!  More jeans on Countdown Carol, especially the tight variety!  Please!
Carol was voted the 68th worst Briton on Channel Four on Saturday night.  Not to worry though Carol - because we think you're the sexiest Briton!!!  Right guys?!!
Carol was talking about my favourite subject - her arse - yesterday on Countdown.  Saying that the reason she wears black a lot is to hide her "generously proportioned bum".  Why hide it?!!!  I love your arse Carol!! and every other wonderfull inch of you!!
     I'm sure everyone who visits this site is in agreement, right guys?!
This afternoon a repeat of Better Homes brought us Carol as we like her best - in tight denim jeans!!  I am becoming obsessed with her arse !!  I was hoping for more shots of her with her back to the camera so I could admire it more. Those jeans were really tight though!! You could see every contour of her lower half - turn on or what!!!!
Leather jeans on Countdown today!!  Nicely wrapped round that fit arse of hers!!
Talking of Carol's wonderful derierre, I've just recieved some pics of her from her apearance on the Ant and Dec show, so I'll put them up soon - and then you can gaze in wonder at her awsome bot!
Did everyone see Carol on the Pride of Britain Awards last night, looking good in another red dress - red suits Carol! 
     Carol was sporting the schoolgirl look on tonight's Countdown!  What with the light blue shirt and the dark blue skirt - wow!
Good viewing yesterday cos not only did we get Carol on Countdown but immediately following she appeared throughout Richard and Judy's programme!  She was wearing a suit with a short skirt - showing lots of leg!! 
     But the best came later when she played You Say We Pay with Richard, and she was facing the camera - legs everywhere!! spreading wide!! everything!!
Just as I was getting over EROTICA on Monday's Countdown, yesterday we got: PANTIES spelt out on the board next to Carol!  A doctored pic of this has been going around the internet for some time!  Carol looked great in black on today's show by the way!!
One of the contestants on Countdown got the word "erotica".  To see the letters spelling out EROTICA on the board next to Carol was great!  If anyone got a vidcap of that please email it to me, it's a classic!
Apparently, according to someone on the guestbook at the Uncle Remus Carol site, I missed out on seeing Carol on Ant and Dec last night, in tight jeans showing off her gorgeous arse!  If anyone saw the show get in touch by email or in my guestbook and tell me all about it!
Carol appeared on Today with Des and Mel this afternoon, looking good in blue jeans and a top with "I'm feeling very, very happy!" written on it.  On the programme she talked about - amongst other things - the dresses she has worn at awards ceremonies and has been critisised for wearing, saying that she should be allowed to wear what she wants - we quite agree (let's have more of the same in the future Carol!!)
A welcome return for Countdown, complete with new set.  Although who looks at the set?!  Carol looked as stunning as ever, dressed in black and pointed out that now she can see Richard Whiteley from where she stands (not a good start to her New Year then!)
I can't think of any better way of spending the early part of New Year's Eve than watching Carol, who presented Britain's Brainiest Kids, and Star Lives.  That's two hours in all, by the way!  Which more than made up for the fact that Countdown wasn't on over the Christmas fortnight.  What would we do without our Carol fix?! 
A programme in Carol's home improvement show, Better Homes, was repeated last night.