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The Carol Vorderman Fanatic



20/1/06  - Tight Grey Top
As promised here's the pics of Carol wearing that tight grey top from thursday's Countdown!

And what does it look like she's demonstrating here ...

7/1/06  - Happy New Year From the Fanatic!
And what better way to celebrate than to bring you new picsof Carol!

22/12/05  - Carol's Game!
New pics from Carol Vorderman's Big Brain Game!!

27/11/05  -  Baps For Good!
We celebrate the return of Carol on Countdown with more cleavage than you can shake your stick at!

15/8/05  -  Ass More Like It!
We are all mourning that untimely departure from our TV screens > Carol's arse!  So here are some pics of it!

20/5/05  -  Falling Out of Red Again!
This is Carol at the Pride of Britain Awards a while back, proving that she looks great in red (in more ways than one!)

1/4/05  -  You'd Be a Fool to Miss These Pics!
As a special treat for April Fools Day, here are some great pics of Carol you'd be a fool to miss!!
And where better place to start than at the rear!!!

And how about a view from the front, in those tight white pants on Better Homes!!!

7/11/04  -  Bum, glam, and panties!
A great pic of Carol's wonderful, gorgeous bum, one of Carol looking very glam, and ... er, one of her panties(?)!!

To see more new pics of Carol go to the Fanatic Message Board, then look under "General Carol Stuff", and then "Pictures".  These are really good photos too, so thanks to GoodSpeed for those!!
15/10/04  -  Fresh Baps!
Here are some more cleavage pics, the most recent are from the TV ad for Closer magazine, that ad really turned me on, how about you?!!  Carol looks really sexy, don't you think?

22/9/04  -  Nightie Night!
Remember the Countdown final earlier in the year, where Carol looked like she was wearing a nightie?! Well, for those of you who didn’t see that …

7/7/04  -  Undressed to Kill! ...
Another pic from Carol's GQ appearance, and definitely the best one!!  What does everyone else think?

12/6/04  -  Gee Carol You Look Fantastic in GQ!! ...
The following pics are from her recent GQ appearance and Closer!  Enjoy!!

31/3/04  -  Carol looking good in Woman's Own ...
This is Carol in Woman's Own a few weeks back, nice!

Thanks to Hal for that one!
10/3/04  -  More bum!

'Does my bum look great in this?'
10/3/04  -  Message Vord
Message board added to the Guestbook page, go there now to chat about Carol!
4/3/04  -  New polls ... 
New polls added, seeing how popular they seem to be!  You can now vote for why you like Carol the most, and for the first time you girls who like Carol get a chance to vote on why you like her!  These latest polls are designed to find out what type of Carol fans are visiting this site, her many fans like her for different reasons: because she's their favourite presenter, because they fancy her, because they have sexual fantasies about her, etc!  Go here now!
Carol Look-alikes

If you, or your girlfriend, wife, partner, friend is a Carol Vorderman look-alike, send me your/their photos!  If you're a "single" Carol look-alike, "definitely" send your photo!!  And how about a date?!!  The best photos I'll post on the site in a new gallery.  Also if there is any professional Carol look-alikes out there, get in contact, I'll give you some publicity on this site (providing you send me some nice photos of yourself!!)

3/3/04  -  More of those cleavage moments you just love ...

It can't get much better than this!!

You just can't get enough of Carol in that hot red top!!

If anyone's got any more cleavage pics send them to me, as well as one's of her gorgeous legs and sexy bot!!
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