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The Carol Vorderman Fanatic

The Carol Vorderman Dream Television Schedule

A whole evenings viewing featuring Carol at her sexiest, most drop dead gorgeous best

5.00pm Richard and Judy

The one where Carol makes a guest appearance, in short skirt, with legs everywhere, crossing them, uncrossing them, spreading them etc, is interviewed and later plays You Say We Pay with Richard.

6.00pm Ant and Decs Saturday Takeaway

Where Carol wears that red top with Im very very happy on and tight blue jeans (showing off that wonderful bum in all its voluptuous beauty!)

7.00pm Better Homes

The one where she has on a pair of very tight jeans (again!) and looked about 21!

7.30pm Grand Slam

The one were shes in black with a low-cut top, showing plenty of cleavage (as she did in most editions of this show!)

8.00pm Countdown and Celebrity Countdown

Youve all got your favourite appearances on Countdown, the short skirts, the boots, etc, but I would go for the celebrity version, in one particular edition, dressed as in photo to the left!

8.30 The Best of Carol Vorderman at the BAFTAs

Imagine a hour long compilation of all Carols BAFTA appearances, shots of her arriving, sat in the audience, dishing out and receiving awards, all edited together!

9.30pm The Frank Skinner Show

Where Carol is a guest, dressed in black showing plenty of front!

10.30pm Parkinson

What better way to round of the evening with an appearance by Carol on Parkinson showing plenty of leg, in an outfit that is hardly there! Wow!

If I've missed your favourite Carol TV appearance, email me!

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