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The Carol Vorderman Fanatic

TV History


Here are the main shows and programmes that Carol has been involved with over the years ...
Countdown 1982-?
You all know this one!
Take Nobody's Word For It 1987/89
Science show.
How2! 1990
Children's programme.
Tomorrow's World 1994
A programme about technological advances and how our lives will be in the future.
Computers Don't Bite 1997
A programme to get more people interested in computers.
Mysteries With Carol Vorderman 1997
A series about paranormal phenomenon.
Better Homes 1999-?
Home improvement challenge shows in which houses get a makeover. 
Whatever Will They Think Of Next 1999
Find A Fortune 1999-2000
This programme helped the studio audience and viewers claim property, legacies and windfalls that they are unaware of. 
Tested To Destruction 1999
Product testing series.
Better Gardens 2000
Spin-off from Better Homes. 
Stars And Their Lives / Star Lives / Soap Star Lives
A This is Your Life type programme where Carol takes a celebrity through their life, with guests made up from family and friends.
Grand Slam 2003
Don't know what this one was about - I was too busy looking at her knockers!  More of this programme Channel Four! and more of Carol's cleavage!
Carol has also made guest appearances on: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Celebrity Special (2000), Shooting Stars (1995), Blankety Blank (1998), Fantasy World Cup (1998), This Morning (2000) and everything else (well, almost!)