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The Carol Vorderman Fanatic



 Other Carol Vorderman sites
It seems that most of the Carol sites are no longer available anymore, or the ones that are, are not updated.  So I've added the relevant info as to their availabillty in red next to the sites.  Still plenty of fab Carol groups on the go though, check them out!
The Carol Vorderman Network  No longer available
Carol Vorderman Online  No longer available
Uncle Remus's Tribute to Carol Vorderman  No longer updated
The Carol Vorderman News and Media Network
Photo Galleries
Victorian Pages - Celebrity Image Galleries
Carol in Leather  No longer available
Maximilian's Carol Vorderman Page  No longer available
Wheelspinwilly Gallery
Carol Vorderman @ Thing's Celebrity Indiscretions  No longer available
Carol Vorderman @ Geocities UK Celebrities
Carol Groups
Vorderman Arse  No longer available
Curvy Carol
Carol's Bum
Carol in Leather  No longer available
CV Love Club  No longer available
Vorderman 2
Brainy Beauty
Owen's Tribute  No longer available
Other sites of interest ...

The Lorraine Kelly Appreciation Society

Britney 4ever 

News and Sport

UK Buns